Saturday, October 3, 2009

It is the most beautiful Saturday morning in Franklin,Tn. Everyone is still asleep,except our kitty Olive,who I am trying to keep quiet.She loves to run circles around the house in the morning! Just thinking about our amazing God this morning and all of His grace and mercy in our lives.Just moving to a new state 3 years ago,I almost can't believe all of the precious people He has brought into our lives.Incredible families who love the Lord and who love us as dear friends. It certainly is humbling to be loved by such neat families! I have also loved homeschooling with the kids. I never in my life thought I would love it like I do! Emily and Larry are having great brother/sister time. It is so fun to watch. Of course,our life is about to change drastically when Emily goes to college next year,and she has her sights set on Westmont College in Santa Barbara. I do believe she is a California girl at heart. I do know she will miss the swimming hole! I highly doubt they have good ol' swimming holes in S.B.! Please pray for her if you will.It is a new adventure.I would also love to pray for anyone reading this blog.If you have a special request,let me know. You can never have enough people praying for you. I am going to start posting more photos. That will be my next computer lesson with Scott!lol Speaking of my sweet husband,I will post pics of the screened room he is building for us to read in each morning.It is so beautiful.It should be done soon,maybe today! xoxo,missy


  1. Yes, it is a glorious morning in Franklin. I do understand the needed prayers as Krista too will be headed off to college next school year! I followed your travels via Scott's & Emily's FB and so glad it was a wonderful time for all of you! Can't wait to see the pics of the screened room.

    Again, enjoyed the fellowship with all of you last May. Maybe we can grab coffee now that you're back in town.

    Have a truly blessed day & will continue to pray for you & your family!

    Teresa White

  2. Missy!! So excited you have a blog! I have thought of you often since you left Cali, and am so happy that you are settled in TN and having a blast! :) Love, Cherie

  3. hi Missy!
    i am a fan of you from your time on "days"!! haha! I am so glad i found your blog and i am so glad to see that you love and follow the Lord. it's an amazing blessing! :) your family is in my prayers, as new adventures come your way... i know that God will work in it all! :) i am a photographer, about to graduate college, so i guess i need prayer for my new adventures too! it is scary and exciting, at the same time! :)

    thanks for sharing with us and can't wait to see photos!!

    love, sarah

  4. Dear Missy,
    I emailed you on facebook, but not certain you got it, but would like to ask for prayers for my husband, John.
    He has been off work since August 28th, 2009 and is facing a lung lymph node biopsy on Wed. Oct. 21st. (this also happens to be his 45th birthday!)
    Both pulmonologist and surgeon tell us it's either a rare disease called sarcoidosis, or cancer. Please pray the the surgeon's had will be guided by our Lord, and that HE will continue to give John and I the strength to deal with Whatever HE gives us.
    We have four daughters ages 26,23,21, and 15 and four grandchildren ages 4,2,6 mos and one due in January. Please pray for John that he will be healed!
    Thank you and God Bless you and your family!
    Kelly McGee-Allen