Saturday, October 3, 2009

It is the most beautiful Saturday morning in Franklin,Tn. Everyone is still asleep,except our kitty Olive,who I am trying to keep quiet.She loves to run circles around the house in the morning! Just thinking about our amazing God this morning and all of His grace and mercy in our lives.Just moving to a new state 3 years ago,I almost can't believe all of the precious people He has brought into our lives.Incredible families who love the Lord and who love us as dear friends. It certainly is humbling to be loved by such neat families! I have also loved homeschooling with the kids. I never in my life thought I would love it like I do! Emily and Larry are having great brother/sister time. It is so fun to watch. Of course,our life is about to change drastically when Emily goes to college next year,and she has her sights set on Westmont College in Santa Barbara. I do believe she is a California girl at heart. I do know she will miss the swimming hole! I highly doubt they have good ol' swimming holes in S.B.! Please pray for her if you will.It is a new adventure.I would also love to pray for anyone reading this blog.If you have a special request,let me know. You can never have enough people praying for you. I am going to start posting more photos. That will be my next computer lesson with Scott!lol Speaking of my sweet husband,I will post pics of the screened room he is building for us to read in each morning.It is so beautiful.It should be done soon,maybe today! xoxo,missy

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Reeves family is back in Tn. We had a very blessed summer.We roadtripped,which for anyone who knows us,it is our favorite way to travel.Some think we are CRAZY. Well, just a little bit. We stopped in Ca. first to visit family we had not seen in awhile. The Reeves family is the best! I am so blessed to call them mine. Our next stop was Vancouver,Wa. to visit our sweet friends there. We invaded their home and they seemed really happy about it. I believe they are as crazy as our family. What an amazing blessing to share so much time with friends.If you have never been to Vancouver,Wa. you should visit,sooo beautiful and the people there almost rival southern hospitality. We then headed back to Ca. to spend more time with family.My husband and I decided we had to stay busy in between business meetings,so we decided to redo 2 rooms in my in-laws house and clean out the garage.They loved it and we received home cooked meals for our efforts,yum!!!!! Scott and I now know how to tear up carpet,strip wood floors,and re-stain them,so fun! We know we will probably never have such a free summer like the one we just had,so we soaked it up and tried to appreciate every moment of it. So excited to keep blogging. I will add photos along the way!!! xoxo,missy

starting a blog

Here I go into the world of blogging.My family is very impressed that I am becoming so savvy on the computer! It kinda scares me. So many of my friends do this to keep in touch with friends,family,etc. I am very excited to keep in touch with everyone who visits!! So, here I go!